What is Prom?

What is Prom?

March 24, 2023
By Kathy Zhou

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Back-to-school season is here! When it comes to hearing the phrase “the big school dance”, most people instantly think of prom. Let’s dive into the traditions, the events, and (of course!) all the types of dresses worn at prom!

What is Prom?

Prom is the tradition of having a “promenade” dance in American and Canadian high schools. It celebrates the completion of high school as well as a “coming of age” opportunity for teenagers to dress up in formal dresses and tuxedos for the first time in their life. It usually happens at the end of the school year to signify the “end of an era” for high schoolers.

When Does Prom Take Place?

Typically prom dances are held in the spring, often mid to late May for high school students. The specific date of your prom will depend on your school calendar, so be sure to stay on top of all the announcements. You might also be wondering: What is National Prom Day? National Prom Day is March 31st!

What Happens at Prom?

Prom celebrates the end of the school year with a formal dance, usually taking place either at the school or on an off-campus venue. Students vote on a Prom King and a Prom Queen who are crowned during prom night. Often prom is a more formal event than homecoming. Sometimes it includes a formal sit down dinner, as well as a more upscale venue. Traditionally prom attire consists of long dresses and suits or tuxedos.

What Traditions Take Place at Prom?

Promposal: Before prom night, students will ask each other out with a “proposal” to be their prom date. These promposals can be as simple as spelling out “Will you go to prom with me?” on a poster or a handwritten note, to extravagant “proposals” via confetti, balloons, and dances that people can later post on Instagram and TikTok.

Pre-prom photoshoot: Getting all dressed up deserves some pictures! Often students will take pictures at a park or at a friend’s house to show off their formal dresses and clothing. Usually students get better quality photos this way, compared to dark lighting at the prom dance floor.

Prom party bus or limo: Students often splurge on a party bus or limo to take them to the prom, as a way to get an upscale luxury vibe that matches their formal dresses and clothing.

Prom after-party: High schoolers host smaller gatherings after prom at their own houses or at a restaurant to celebrate this coming of age event.

What Do People Wear at Prom?

Girls often wear long, floor-length formal dresses for prom.These can be anywhere from a simple straight silhouette floor-length dress, or a ball gown with a train. Often students spend more on prom dresses than on casual, cocktail dresses. In terms of accessories, girls often wear more formal heels and delicate jewelry that compliments the occasion. Often the bag they carry will be a small clutch and maybe girls will be wearing heels for the first time in their lives. Boys often wear tuxedos or a more formal suit than for homecoming.

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