What to do After Prom

What to do After Prom

May 1, 2023
By Kimberly Vernon

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The last dance of the night may have taken place, but that doesn't mean that the party has to stop! After all prom is THE night to celebrate your high school years coming to a close; why wouldn’t you want to end this chapter of your life off with a bang! From school sponsored after parties to chill hang outs with your closest friends, there are so many fun things you can do after prom to keep the party going and the good vibes flowing!

Alright… you’ve got your date, your ticket, and your dream prom dress, now it’s time for the after party planning to commence! If you go to a school that already has an after prom party, then your itinerary may already be set. But for many of the schools who don’t, it’s up to you to plan how you’ll spend those remaining hours of the night! For those who are stuck or still in the planning process, no need to worry! We’ve collected a list of the top ten things you and your friends can do after the prom:

1. Grab a Late Night Bite!

You’ve spent the event dancing all night long, so by the end of prom it makes sense that you and your friends might be starving! For a fun but lowkey after prom adventure, try hitting up one of your favorite late night food joints. You can grab something quick and easy like a burger at a drive through or tacos from a taco truck, grab a pizza to-go, or honestly even grab a sit down meal at one of those 24 hour diners. I mean come on… it would be pretty iconic to show up to the Waffle House in a giant Sherri Hill mermaid gown!

2. Slumber Party!

Spend the remainder of the night with your closest gal pals at a slumber party after prom! Let’s be real, prom is such an exciting night and there is so much that can go down in the course of a 6 hour school dance. Who danced up with who? What did you think of the DJ and decor? Did you see any drama take place?! A slumber party after prom with your friends is an amazing way to debrief and laugh about all the memories y’all gained at the dance!

3. Karaoke Night!

Are you one of those people who treats school dances like a solo concert and sings along to every song while you’re on the dance floor? Well then, maybe you should take that as a sign to go and do some karaoke with your friends after the dance! Whether you sound like Beyonce or a dying cat, karaoke is fun! Hit up a karaoke spot in town or honestly just head home with your friends and pull up some of your go to karaoke songs on Youtube! Again… a good singing voice is not required.

4. Backyard Bonfire

If you or a friend have a big backyard and pit, try throwing a fun backyard bonfire! Bonfires make for a relaxing way to wind down after a night of dancing and fun memories. Pack the blankets, marshmallows, and honestly swap the ballgown for a pair of sweats! With a backyard bonfire you and closest friends can spend the night trading stories about the dance, while watching the stars, and munching on some delicious bonfire snacks!

5. Drive to a Lookout Point

Okay this one might either be really corny… or really cute! Prom is all about the fun, the friends, and the dancing, but maybe you’re one of the hopeless romantic types and got asked to the dance by the person you’ve been crushing on forever! Prom is the chance for anyone to shoot their shot. For a more romantic and private after prom party, hop in the car and head to a look out point! If you live in a town with an amazing view of the city, the ocean, or the stars, take a ride and finish the night out by cuddling up and listening to music under the stars.

6. Boba Run!

This one might be a little more niche… but if you are a boba obsessed person (like SO MANY of us are) then why not head to your town's best boba shop! Grabbing boba is a quick, easy, and lowkey thing to do after prom.

7. Go Bowling

Neon lights, tons of throwback pop music, and delicious fried snacks?! Yup, bowling alleys may not be the first thing that comes to mind for a post prom plan, but honestly maybe they should be! Many bowling alleys are open well late into the night, and provide all the necessities for a good time! If you’re still unsure of what you and your friends will be doing after prom, trade in the heels for bowling shoes and try hitting up your nearest bowling alley after prom!

8. Glow in the Dark Golfing

Similar to bowling, mini golf may not exactly be the first thing that you think of when planning for after prom, but think twice before you ditch this idea! Both mini golf and also if you’re located close to a nearby drive in Top Golf location are great options for after party fun times! There’s cool lights, a fun activity, and of course, delicious fried food to keep you going late into the night!

9. Split a Hotel Room with Friends

If you and your friends are down to drop a little bit of money, splitting a hotel room with friends can be a great way to spend the remainder of your prom night! (Especially if your prom is being held in a ballroom at that same hotel!) Do note though, if you are under 18 you likely will need an adult to make the reservation and stay at the hotel or a room nearby. You can stay up late, watch movies, gossip, order room service and then don’t need to worry about getting home!

10. Catch some Z’s and Plan a Day After Pool, Lake, or Beach Day!

For all the morning people out there who are ready to call it a night and crash in their comfy beds after prom, by all means live your life and catch those Z’s! Prom after parties might not be your thing, and that is totally OK! Going home straight after prom is a perfectly acceptable option for the night! If you are still itching to have an after prom celebration, feel free to extend it to the next day! After all, most proms are held on a Friday or Saturday night, so plan a day after party in your backyard, at a pool, lake, or even a full on beach day!

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