What to Wear for Fun Fashion: The Best Pageant Fun Fashion Outfits

What to Wear for Fun Fashion: The Best Pageant Fun Fashion Outfits

November 10, 2022
By Katerina Katakalides

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The fun fashion portion of a pageant is one of the most exciting, eye-catching, and (obviously) fun parts of any pageant! This area of competition is the perfect time to showcase your spunky personality, highlight your personal style, and show off your modeling skills. Fun fashion competitions are exactly that- they’re all about fun, out-of-the-box fashion pieces! This is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone when it comes to your pageant wardrobe and try something new. You never know which trend you’ll fall in love with! There are a ton of different fun fashion styles for you to choose from, so you’ll definitely find something that’s just the right fit for you. With so many stunning styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick the perfect one. Let’s go over some classic fun fashion styles so you can rock the stage at your next pageant!

Fun Fashion Dresses

Dresses are the most obvious choice for any area of competition, so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to wear a dress for fun fashion! Unlike a traditional evening gown or opening number dress, your fun fashion dress should be extra glamorous and feature eye-catching elements that will engage the judges and add fun movement on stage. It is a fun fashion competition after all! Some popular styles for fun fashion dresses include liquid beading, fringe, and rhinestones.

Fun Fashion Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are popping up all over the pageant world and fun fashion competitions are no exception! If you want to show the judges that you know all the hot trends, then try out a fun fashion jumpsuit. Since jumpsuits are so different from dresses, you’ll show the judges that you can rock multiple silhouettes and styles. You’ll also look so long and lean on stage in a jumpsuit, as your bottoms will add an elongating effect on stage. Your confidence will truly shine through in a trendy fun fashion jumpsuit!

Fun Fashion Rompers

Don’t worry if pants aren’t for you, we have a solution: fun fashion rompers! Fun fashion rompers are another trendy style that will make you stand out during any fun fashion competition. If you’ve been working hard to tone up your legs, then rompers are definitely the style for you. It’s time to show off those defined calves and lean legs! Rompers are also the perfect choice for adding a slight touch of sex appeal to your fun fashion look. This is the ideal option if you’re a Miss contestant, as fun fashion outfits can age down a contestant and make them look younger than they actually are.

Fun Fashion Outfits with Capes

Forget what Edna Mode said in “The Incredibles,” capes are here to stay! Capes are a classic way to add fun movement on stage and give that wow factor to any outfit. Although capes are starting to emerge in all areas of competition, from evening gown to swimsuit to interview, they’ve always been the most popular during fun fashion competitions! Capes are an eye-catching accessory that can be added to any style. You can wear a fun fashion dress with a cape, a fun fashion jumpsuit with a cape, and even a fun fashion romper with a cape! There are so many ways you can style this accessory too. Try wearing a single cape over one shoulder or two capes over both! There are so many possibilities- you’re sure to find the perfect cape style for you!

Fun Fashion Outfits with Overskirts

There’s no way we’re getting over overskirts anytime soon! Overskirts have been a popular addition to pageant wardrobes for the last few years, but this style is starting to completely take over the fun fashion competition. This fun style can be worn in so many ways, from lightweight chiffon overskirts to big, ball gown-style skirts. Overskirts are dramatic, to say the least, so they’re an ideal option for any contestant who wants to command the stage and keep the judges’ attention all on them.

Your fun fashion outfit should be exactly that: fun! Instead of playing it safe and sticking to a style that you’ve seen on stage so many times before, try stepping outside of your comfort zone and into something new! The fun fashion competition is your chance to try out the latest fashion trends in pageantry and wear something you never thought you would. It’s time to command that stage and show the judges why you deserve the crown!

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