How Long is a Wedding Ceremony

How Long is a Wedding Ceremony

April 28, 2023
By Kimberly Vernon

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Ask anyone, but timing is everything on a wedding day! For those of you who are newly engaged or maybe in the midst of wedding planning, one HUGE thing you will need to take into consideration is your wedding day timeline, and more specifically your wedding ceremony timeline! How long should your wedding ceremony be exactly? Well… in short, there is no one size fits all answer.

The length of a wedding ceremony is largely dependent on the bride and groom. Just like how every couple is different, wedding ceremonies should be treated the same. Some couples may prefer to keep things short and sweet and wrap up their nuptials in a 10 minute ceremony while others may have ceremonies up to over an hour long! For most couples though, wedding ceremonies can be between 20-30 minutes long, and feature various different speeches, traditions, and rituals. Again, weddings are meant to be the happiest day of any couples’ life so they should really do what’s best for them!

If you are a couple that is currently in the midst of wedding planning and feel completely overwhelmed by how exactly to structure your wedding ceremony, no need to worry! Planning a wedding isn’t always a walk in the park, and we at Queenly are always here to help whether it’s finding your dream wedding dress or even deciding what wedding traditions to stick to and which ones to ditch. Join us as we go through how to structure your wedding ceremony and help you decide how you and your honey will celebrate your special day tying the knot!

How to Create Your Wedding Ceremony Timeline?

Again, every couple has a different image of what their “perfect wedding day” looks like, and their wedding ceremony is meant to be a reflection of the couple and their love for one another. Below we will go through and define different moments in a wedding ceremony in chronological order. As you go through reading each of these traditions, picture yourself doing them on your special day. Does this image make your heart flutter in excitement or does it feel like something you can do without? Hopefully by the end of this blog you will have your perfect wedding ceremony plotted out!


The top of most wedding ceremonies usually begins with a processional of the bride and groom’s family and their wedding party. Picture this moment in your mind: seeing the father and mothers of the bride/groom walking down followed by your closest gal pals all in coordinated bridesmaid gowns. The size of your wedding party or even the choice of having any wedding party at all is totally up to you! While many couples now are opting to completely remove having any wedding parties, others might feel inclined to have their best friends as a part of their special day. For inspiration on bridesmaid gowns, check out these listings below.

Brides Entrance

Okay, unless you’re planning on having a runaway bride moment (which if you’ve made it this far, hopefully not) this wedding ceremony tradition is pretty much expected For small civil weddings, there may not be a grand big entrance, but still many still want to feel and look like a bride. Here are some lowkey looks to wear for a civil wedding entrance.

For brides who have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were a little girl, they may want to make their wedding entrance moment well… a MOMENT! I’m talking not just flower girls throwing petals, but also fog machines, butterflies released, live string quartet, and every in the audience crying kind of moment. There are so many ways to spice up a wedding entrance, one of the most obvious being what gown are you wearing! Here are some stunning selections that are sure to have your mans on the floor sobbing in gratuity on your wedding day.


Now before the bride and groom exchange their vows, usually the officiant will share a few words about love. For some this may be readings from a religious text, for others it might be reading poetry, or if the couple is being officiated by a close friend, you may get a cute story about the couple’s early years. Nonetheless, this moment in the wedding ceremony is really all about bringing the essence of love and romance!


Wedding vows are one of the most wholesome and important parts of the wedding ceremony! It is the moment when the couple each get to profess their love for one another. For those getting married, you may also be wondering if you should write your own vow or stick to traditional wedding vows? Couples who are feeling overwhelmed about public speaking, saying the right/wrong thing, or just the planning of a wedding in general may come to realize that traditional vows may be the way to go. For other couples who have a unique love story though, vows are the perfect opportunity to share it! Overall as long as your heart is in it, you can’t go wrong with either!

Exchange of Rings/Kiss

Finally the time where the couple gets to say “I do!” and seal the deal with a kiss! Once the wedding ceremony is over, the couple is pronounced as married and proceed with their recessional back up the aisle.

Other Ceremony Traditions!

Now that we’ve covered some of the most common wedding ceremony traditions, let's talk about some other traditions that range across culture, religion, and also a few secular traditions. you may want to add into your special day. If you practice a certain religion, you may already have some traditions or specific readings to follow while for others you may just be looking for a fun way to really personalize your wedding ceremony.

Breaking the Glass Ritual: This tradition is practiced at many Jewish weddings. During this ritual a piece of glass will be wrapped in cloth and then a member of the couple (typically the groom) will step on the glass, breaking it, and everyone present will shout “Mazeltov!” This tradition is mean to symbolize the breaking of the couples past and the beginning of their new chapter together as a family.

Candle-Lighting Ritual: Fire is often a symbol for love and passion, so what better way to symbolize a couples love than with a candle lighting ceremony. This tradition is often done in many Christian and Catholic, but also can be done in secular weddings as well. In this ritual, typically the couple will use two candles to light a single candle and unify their love.

Lasso Ceremony: In many Mexican, Filipino, and other Spanish cultures, couples may practice this ritual of placing a rope, flower garland, or rosary around the couple. This act is typically performed by the officiant, or perhaps a couple of distinctions to the betrothed. The circular shape of the lasso represents their unity and love.

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Jumping the Broom Ritual: This tradition has a history that spans across numerous continents and cultures (including both West African and Celtic cultures). In this ritual, the waving of the broom is meant to ward off spirits and protect the couple, while the act of jumping over the broom symbolizes the two jumping into their new life!

Sand Pouring Ritual: For couples getting married in a beach setting, this tradition is a fun way to symbolize your love. During this ritual, the couple will each have a cup of colored sand. Each member will take their sand and pour it into a shared vase or cup. The swirling mixture of the two different colors of sand symbolizes the joining of their love!

Wine Box Ritual: For wine-loving couples, consider trying this ritual during your ceremony. Select a wine that symbolizes your love and connection, and write a letter for your future spouse. Both the wine and letter will be placed in a box that won’t be opened until one year later on your anniversary.

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