What to Wear to a Wedding: Bridal Style Guide

What to Wear to a Wedding: Bridal Style Guide

July 27, 2022
By The Queenly Team

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Everyone’s wedding day should be a highlight of your life. Whether you’re having a boho beach wedding, classic church nuptials, or an elegant, princess style celebration, your wedding day should be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Your wedding wardrobe will play a huge role in making this day extra special. With so many aspects to plan, it can seem so overwhelming to find your dream gown, pick bridesmaid dresses to flatter your entire bridal party, and coordinate everyone’s styling.

That’s why we’ve compiled an ultimate wedding guide where you can learn everything about bridal style, bridesmaid dresses, and choosing the perfect wedding day looks for every part of your celebration. That’s right- we never said you have to stick with one dress! You’ll find affordable ways to wear multiple wedding looks, what to wear to your bachelorette party, and even how to wear a short dress on your wedding day! There’s no gatekeeping when it comes to your big day and we’re here to spill all the tea!

Each of our sections covers a different aspect of wedding wardrobes, all the way from your bachelorette party, to celebrity inspiration, to bridesmaid dresses. We even answer the golden question: why are bridesmaid dresses so ugly?

Find your section and find your dream wedding style!

Saving Big Before your Big Day

How to Save Money and Shop for an Affordable Wedding Dress

Experiment with your Bridal Looks

What to Wear to Your Bachelorette Party

What to Wear for Your First, Second, (and Third) Wedding Look

Kourtney Kardashian Wedding Dress Predictions

How to Wear a Short Dress on Your Wedding Day

Embrace Classic Bridal Style

10 Classic Wedding Dress Necklines You Need To Know

Find Your Style: 4 Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

David’s Bridal Discontinued Dresses That We’d Love to Come Back

Morilee Wedding Dresses: The Ultimate Guide

Stick with the Trends

7 Wedding Dress Trends in 2022

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Why Are Bridesmaid Dresses So Ugly: A Cultural History

Rock Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses at Your Wedding

Saving Big Before your Big Day

Currently, I am at an age when I am not thinking about marriage too seriously. However, something that has always been on my mind has been the kind of dress that I will wear on my dream day!

After watching countless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress and realizing how expensive wedding gowns can be, I have compiled of my top 4 options I have to save money when purchasing a wedding gown!

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that you are only going to wear once. And looking gorgeous on your wedding day is not dependent on the price of the gown. Let’s take a look at my list!

Upcycling your mom’s gown or vintage gowns

One thing I am grateful for is having a mother with a passion for fashion. My mom got married in 1998 but her dress is still something I am completely in love with and hope to wear on my wedding day. Though I don’t currently have a picture of it, the dress features an off-the-shoulder long-sleeve style, with a lace overlay. It has a very long train, which might be one of my most favorite things.

In my case, I would keep the dress as is, but even if you decide to get some small alterations done, it would still save you tons of money. Also, there is nothing more special than rewearing your mom’s gown. Below are some older wedding dresses that you can find on Queenly. I can think of some great alterations to transform these dresses or even to keep as is!

Thrifting and Buying Gently Worn Gowns

Since thrifting is taking on the fashion world, why not the wedding industry as well? Buying second-hand is not only good for your spending habits, but also for the planet. There is so much fabric and materials that goes into making a wedding gown, it definitely deserves to be worn more than once.

Also, if you think going to a local thrift store is not for you, you can try different alternatives like online thrifting. Queenly is the perfect solution when it comes to finding your dream dress. On Queenly, you can shop gently used wedding gowns and gowns sold by some of your favorite designers at a fraction of the price. Check out these gowns on Queenly under $200!


Even if you choose to buy a new dress, some good news is that you can still resell it afterwards! Again, not only will this save you on costs, it will also ensure your dress gets worn multiple times after!

Opting For Unique Choices

Who says a wedding dress has to be a certain color, or style, or length. Choosing a different and unique dress from the ordinary ones we see at most weddings can also save you tons of money. Not only that, it will make your day one of a kind. So maybe go for that ivory dress, or the short one instead! Here are some unique dresses I found on Queenly that I think would make great choices.

Opting For Simple, Understated Choices

As your favorite TV commercials like to say, “we live in challenging times”. Many brides are opting for smaller, less extravagant weddings this year. Thankfully, this means you won’t have to splurge on an enormous ball gown, and instead you have a variety of options, from simple lace dresses, to long sleeve satin gowns. Checkout some “dressed down” but very elegant options below, for a perfect bridal look without breaking the bank!

Experiment with your Bridal Looks

Being a bride-to-be means balancing the most stressful, fun, and exciting time of your life. From event planning to wardrobe selection to food tastings, you’ll be doing it all! Picking your wedding gown is usually one of the highlights of planning. All eyes are on you while you play dress up in fabulous dresses. Since buying your wedding gown is a main event, it can be easy to let your bachelorette party outfits fall to the sideline.

Planning your wedding is stressful enough, so planning your bachelorette party should be fun! This can be the perfect time to highlight your true style or experiment with a new one. Narrowing down your ideal look can be a challenge, but you can never go wrong with these classic styles!

Types of Bachelorette Styles

If your bachelorette celebration is across multiple days, or if you want to be extra and change throughout the day, wearing different styles is the best way to stand out. You’re the bride! This is your time to shine! Whether you haven’t experimented with these styles yet or just can’t narrow them down, here are our favorite fun, trendy styles to rock during your bachelorette party.

Cocktail Dresses

You can never go wrong with a classic cocktail dress! This style is a popular choice for showing off your fun side or dancing the night away. If you’re spending your bachelorette celebration with a fun group of friends at a nightclub or bar, this can be the perfect style for you. Not all cocktail dresses are ideal for this though! You can find tons of elegant, modern cocktail dresses that can be worn to brunch or a fancy dinner. Your dress is what you make of it!

Jumpsuits and Rompers

Sometimes it’s fun to try something other than a dress. This is your chance to experiment with a jumpsuit or romper! Jumpsuits are a trendy option for a bachelorette party in a cooler city or a daytime celebration with your family. With so many options to choose from, there’s a jumpsuit for any part of your bachelorette celebration. Rompers have also been all the rave these days! This cute outfit can be the perfect option for a beach themed party, a weekend somewhere warm, or a night of dancing!


Get ready for all eyes to be on you! Overskirts are a fun way to have a dramatic presence during your bachelorette party and girl- you earned it! Whether you’re twirling on the dance floor or strutting around a new city, wearing an overskirt will let everyone know that the day is about you! Be as dramatic or subtle as you’d like, there’s an overskirt for every style.

Long Dresses

Show the world the bride that you are! A long, white gown is an ideal option for feeling elegant even before your wedding day. This kind of bachelorette style will show off your angelic side and isn’t that the point of wearing white? You’ll have everyone at your bachelorette party on edge waiting for you to unveil your next floor length dress.

For the Professional Bachelorette…

If your fashion taste is more on the sensible and professional side, try swapping a sexy, two-piece look for an elegant jumpsuit or cocktail dress. Remember, you want to wear what you feel the most comfortable in! Don’t push yourself too far out of your comfort zone or else you might be worrying about your wardrobe instead of having fun. Let loose, but be true to you!

For the Bohemian Bachelorette…

Oh hey bohemian babe, we knew we’d find you here! If your bachelorette party has more of a boho vibe, then try out an outfit with lace or floral patterns. This fun, flirty style will show everyone that you’re a chilled out bride who is ready for her bachelorette celebration!

For the Over the Top Bachelorette…

Your wedding is all about you, so that means your bachelorette party is too! These over the top looks are perfect for an over the top bride. You’re guaranteed to be the bachelorette that no one forgets! It’s time to jump out of your comfort zone and into one of these daring looks!

For the Elegant Bachelorette…

Classy never goes out of style! These elegant bachelorette outfits are perfect for a bride who wants to keep her celebration on the classier side. These formal wear options are perfect for weekend brunch or dinner with your besties.

For the Sexy Bachelorette…

Step out and show the world just how sexy you are! These bachelorette party outfits ooze sex appeal and they’re the perfect options if you want to stand out on your last night out. Make sure to take tons of pics- your fiancé will thank you later!

For the Floral Bachelorette…

Feeling floral? Let your sweet side out in a floral-themed bachelorette outfit. The springtime style is sure to brighten up any party with its fun vibes and cheerful energy. Don’t forget to accessorize! This is your time to experiment with some cute, flower-themed jewelry.

Just like your wedding day, your bachelorette party is all about you! Whether you choose a cocktail dress, jumpsuit, romper, or two-piece outfit, your outfit will be captured in photos and remembered for years to come. Don’t be afraid to try something new or pick what makes you feel the most comfortable. Once the perfect look is picked out, all you’ll need to do is have fun with your girls!

Finding the perfect wedding dress is widely known for being a challenge. Television shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” highlight just how exciting, but stressful, this moment can be. There are usually thousands of questions racing through the bride’s mind:

“What is my future mother-in-law going to think?” “Is someone else going to wear this style next season?” “Will this even be in style next season?””

Narrowing your choices down to not “one” dress, but “the” dress can leave you feeling pulled from all angles in totally different directions. Let’s really think about it. How is ONE look supposed to cover something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue? Even if you aren’t following this old saying on your wedding day, finding one gown that highlights all aspects of your personality while following the theme that also lets you tear up the dance floor is nearly impossible.

This is partially why we’ve been seeing more and more multiple wedding day looks. Rather than wear one wedding gown throughout the ceremony and reception, modern brides have been opting for a second or even a third look. These outfit changes will allow you to experiment with different silhouettes, styles, and trends while having the ideal look for every wedding event. Just imagine how hard it would be to get low on the dance floor in a tulle ball gown! Now, you can embrace all of the princess vibes you’ve always dreamed of during your ceremony and wear a comfy, but wedding-worthy, dress or jumpsuit for the reception. It’s the best of both worlds!

What to Wear as Your First Wedding Look

Your first wedding look is what you’ll wear during your ceremony. This is the time when all eyes are on you as you make your grand entrance, so if there’s a time to go all out, it’s definitely now! Typically, brides opt for a more traditional look during their ceremony since this is the most traditional part of the wedding. This is where you’ll see a lot of lace, cathedral-length veils, mermaid silhouettes, and ball gowns. These classic styles are timeless for a reason and make the perfect options for your first wedding look.

As you narrow down your wedding gown choices, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors that will shape your decision. Picking out what aligns with your style and aesthetic will be one of the easier parts- think about it- who else knows you better than yourself? Once you’ve found a few dresses that make you feel like the most beautiful version of “you,” think over the details of your wedding.

Do you have a theme or color scheme? Keeping any theme or color scheme in mind will ensure that your wedding has a cohesive look that you fit perfectly into. This also means you’ll want to think deeply about the location of your ceremony and any decorations you’ll be using. If your ceremony is in a church or place of worship, you might lean towards a classic, cathedral-style wedding gown. If your ceremony is outdoors, like on a beach or botanical garden, you might want to wear a free and easy look that billows in the breeze. Will your ceremony be a long one? Keep in mind that you’ll be standing in your gown for quite a bit of time and depending on your environment, it can get uncomfortable fast.

If there’s one thing to keep in mind when choosing your bridal gown, it’s that your wedding day is about you! Of course, there are lifelong promises of unconditional love being exchanged marking the start of a monumental milestone in your relationship, but c’mon, you’re the bride. This is your day to live out every childhood fantasy you’ve had about your picture-perfect day. Don’t shy away from choosing the gown that you feel is perfect for you- no matter what others might think or say. This might be your only chance to feel like the princess you’ve always wanted to be!

What to Wear as Your Second Wedding Look

Typically, a second wedding look is worn during the reception so the bride (aka you) can dance the night away and feel comfortable while cutting the cake. Even though your wedding gown might be the most breathtaking thing you’ve ever seen, it might not be the easiest dress to move around in. Between dancing, greeting guests, and making sure that all of your details are in place, your wedding can get pretty hectic! Running out to the dance floor for your favorite song or grabbing another drink at the open bar shouldn’t be made difficult due to layers of tulle, organza, or chiffon. Your second wedding look will allow you to effortlessly glide around the room while still standing out as the blushing bride.

Choosing when to change into your second look is another decision you’ll have to make while planning your big day. Although it might seem convenient and almost obvious to change in between the ceremony and the reception, some brides want to experience that magical moment when they enter the room as a married couple for the first time. Capturing that moment while still wearing your wedding gown is something you’ll never forget. After making your grand entrance, greeting guests, and taking photos to your heart’s content, you can change into your second wedding look.

This next look should make you feel comfortable and free while still making you look captivating and elegant. You’re the bride, after all! Keep an eye out for gowns with lighter fabric, a slit, or an open back. All of these options will make it easy for you to dance all night long without feeling constrained or weighed down by a traditional wedding gown. This can also be your chance to try a new trend or modern style! Remember- the location of your ceremony should always be kept in mind when choosing your first wedding look. If you wore a more conservative look for a church ceremony, then you might want to try a modern style for your second look. If you had an outdoor or beach ceremony while wearing a lighter, boho-style gown, then an indoor reception can be your opportunity to try a more classic look.

What to Wear as Your Third Wedding Look

Not many brides have heard of a third wedding look and if you’re one of them, that’s totally okay! Third wedding looks aren’t too common, but they’ve been appearing at more and more weddings as each year passes by. Nadia Bundziak, founder of NDS The Label, a luxury, ready-to-wear brand, explained that “there are still a lot of brides that will want to experience the full bridal effect. [Though] I do believe the second wedding look will only get more mainstream as celebrities take on switching between two, or even three, bridal outfits throughout their wedding day.” (https://www.brides.com/bridal-fashion-trends-to-expect-in-2022-5213864)

If there’s any day to let your inner celebrity shine, it should be your wedding day! Although it might not be typical for brides to wear a third wedding look, you deserve special treatment on your special day, so it’s time to go all out! Your third wedding look would be worn towards the end of your celebration, possibly still during your reception. This means you should prioritize comfort and mobility since you’ll want to squeeze in all the dancing time you can before the night ends. Depending on your post-wedding plans, you could be traveling a far distance home, to a hotel, or even to your honeymoon. You want to be comfy!

This last look of your wedding day is an opportunity to truly be yourself. As the celebration winds down and the night morphs back into reality, your guests won’t care if the bride is wearing a cocktail dress or jumpsuit. This is the last part of your big day and girl, you do you!

If you were having a hard time finding the perfect wedding dress, then hopefully you’ve been able to expand your horizons to multiple looks throughout your special day. While wearing multiple gowns or jumpsuits might seem like “overdoing” it to some, this will give you the most flexibility when choosing your outfits and make you feel the most comfortable throughout your long wedding celebration. This day is about you so you might as well do it how you want to!

Kourtney Kardashian is finally getting the wedding she deserves! Her whirlwind romance with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has taken social media by storm. Their PDA-filled outings, including the first time a member of the Kardashian family appeared on the Oscars red carpet, has the world wondering when these lovebirds will tie the knot.

Shortly after they strutted across this iconic carpet, the reality tv star and her rocker fiancé made their way to the One Love Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was here that Kourtney and Travis finally became one- or at least we thought! After reports circulated that the pair were now Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Kourtney took to her Instagram to clear the air.

“Once upon a time in a land far, far away (Las Vegas) at 2am, after an epic night and a little tequila, a queen and her handsome king ventured out to the only open chapel with an Elvis and got married (with no license).” Phew! It’s safe to say we didn’t miss the big day! Although this ceremony wasn’t the real deal, Kardashian made it clear that she plans to make things official in the future, explaining that “practice makes perfect.”

Now that we know (or at least hope) that an extravagant Kardashian wedding is in our future, we had to start speculating about what the bride will be wearing. If Kourtney is anything like her younger sisters, her nuptials will be a full blown event all the way from her bachelorette party to the final ceremony. We have high hopes for this fashionista and we’re certain she won’t disappoint!

The Bachelorette Party

If there’s one thing the Kardashians know how to do, it’s how to throw a party! We have no doubt that the only thing bigger than Kourtney’s bachelorette party will be the wedding, itself! These looks give off such sexy bride-to-be vibes and we know Kourtney could rock any of them.

White Dress with Bodysuit
You can’t get any sexier than a literal bodysuit. This head-turning style will make sure everyone knows that Kourtney is the center of attention. You might as well go all out when it’s your last night as a bachelorette! This over-the-top look is ideal for a sexy night out on the town.

Allure Boho Bridal Gown
Sometimes sexy just isn’t the vibe. We get it! Some future brides like to opt for a bachelorette celebration on a tropical island or beautiful beach. If Kourtney decides to celebrate in the sun and sand, then we can totally picture her in this bohemian style bridal gown. The perfect combination of boho and chic, this look is one that even someone ultra glamorous like Kourtney would love!

AB White Cocktail Dress
Some brides like saving white for their wedding day and that’s okay! If Kourtney is one of these brides then we found a style she’ll love. This cocktail dress by Blush Prom comes in the shade AB white, which makes it shimmer with iridescent jewel tones in the light.

White Colors Cocktail Dress
The Kardashian sisters are notorious for showing off their curves. Why should Kourtney’s bachelorette party be an exception? This figure-hugging, white cocktail dress is covered in rhinestones to make it sparkle and shine from every angle.

The Ceremony

We know Kourtney will be such a beautiful bride on her big day! With so many wedding dress styles to choose from, like mermaid, a-line, side-slit, and strapless, it can be challenging to find the perfect one. We narrowed it down to a handful of styles on Queenly that would fit right into a Kardashian wedding!

Strapless Lace Wedding Gown
If Kourtney decides to go for a sexy style during her bachelorette party, then we can totally picture her going in the opposite route for her wedding ceremony. This strapless, lace gown is all things elegant and sweet. The romantic lace appliqués and chapel length tulle train will make Kourtney look so angelic as she floats down the aisle.

Luce + Sposa Straight Gown with Illusion Mesh
As a member of the Kardashian family, Kourtney is no stranger to intricate styles. This Luce + Sposa wedding gown is exactly that! The illusion mesh and beaded detailing on this fully laced dress make it the epitome of sexy sophistication.

Ivory Demetrios Ball Gown
If there’s any time that Kourtney embraces princess vibes, it should be on her wedding day! This Demetrios ball gown features a fully beaded bodice and ruffled skirt that will make Kourtney look as if she’s floating on a cloud while walking down the aisle.

Elly Bride Ball Gown
Go haute couture or go home! This intricate, eye-catching style is completely unique with delicate lace, a mesh neckline, and beaded fringe. By combining a plunging neckline with lace appliqués, this gown hits the perfect balance between elegant and sexy.

Luce + Sposa A-line Gown
It’s all in the details when it comes to this Luce + Sposa wedding gown! The intricate yet delicate beading on the neckline is unlike any we’ve seen before. This ivy-like pattern extends past the bodice and onto the mesh sleeves, making this seemingly sleeveless gown into an off-the-shoulder style.

The Reception

Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t seem like the type to only wear one outfit during her wedding. It is her big day after all! Changing looks in between your ceremony and reception is a fun way to experiment with different styles and show off multiple looks. Here are some styles we can totally picture Kourtney wearing during her wedding reception.

White Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
A reception is meant for partying and this jumpsuit is meant for that too! The plunging neckline on this Mac Duggal jumpsuit is a classic feature of the Kardashian’s sexy style, so we can totally picture Kourtney rocking this look during her wedding.

Jovani Couture Feathered Ball Gown
Two gowns are better than one! If Kourtney decides to go with a second gown for her wedding day, then we suggest this Jovani couture gown. Feathers have been popping up all over the fashion scene in 2022 and Kourtney’s wedding reception shouldn’t be an exception. The plunging neckline, sequined bodice, and fully feathered skirt make this gown over the top enough for the next Kardashian wedding.

Mesh Jovani Cocktail Dress
Feathers aren’t the only style from the roaring 20s coming back in 2022! We’ve been seeing a ton of fringe lately and we’re hoping to see some at Kourtney’s reception too. This white, Jovani cocktail dress has fun fringe on the sleeves that would add a ton of movement as Kourtney hits the dance floor. Let’s not ignore that eye-catching rhinestoning either! This cocktail dress is just over-the-top enough to make it wedding day material.

Social media and the pop culture world has been sitting on edge ever since Kourtney and Travis teased that they tied the knot in Las Vegas. Even though this ceremony was just practice, we could clearly sense the love between these two. This blushing bride-to-be is sure to take the world by storm when her big day really comes around. Until then, we’ll just keep dreaming of all the stunning Queenly looks she could choose from!

Every new wedding season brings a wave of trends that either take the bridal industry by storm or settle into another slot for passing fashion. White wedding dresses and lace overlays are two trends that have stuck around for hundreds of years and have become iconic symbols of the wedding industry. Some styles, like mermaid silhouettes, regal ball gowns, and strapless dresses, are more recent trends that have solidified their spots in bridal fashion. Now, a new wedding dress trend is being embraced by brides of all backgrounds, from the boho brides to chic celebrities- short wedding dresses.

While short dresses are typically worn by brides who opt for a casual, outdoor, or destination wedding, shorter styles are making appearances at more and more weddings, regardless of the location or theme. Kourtney Kardashian Barker is one famous bride who chose to wear a short dress to her lavish, Italian wedding to Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker.

The couple’s cliffside vow exchange would be their third and final wedding ceremony, so pop culture lovers anticipatedly waited to see which extravagant look Kourtney would debut on her big day. Traditionally, Italian weddings incorporate religious themes from the couple’s background and Italy, itself, is deeply rooted in Roman Catholic traditions. In past interviews, Travis has explained his personal connection to Catholicism, telling Vice, “I was brought up Catholic. I definitely pray; I believe in God. . . I’m not at church every day and I’m not pushing religion on people. But I believe in God and I pray and my kids pray.”

This would lead fans to believe that Kourtney would wear a traditional wedding dress, like a lace, cathedral-length gown. In true Kardashian style, however, Kourtney wore one of the most unique wedding looks we’ve ever seen. Her Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda lace and satin corset mini dress was a one-of-a-kind, couture piece inspired by Italian lingerie and designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana themselves. Kourtney accessorized this head-turning wedding dress with tulle gloves, lace pumps, and an extravagant tulle veil that featured an embroidered icon of the Virgin Mary. (https://www.purewow.com/news/kourtney-kardashian-wedding-dress)

While some aspects of Kourtney’s wedding look, like her arm-length gloves and white heels, are staple wedding day attire, her overall look was anything but! As one of the most recent brides to wear a short dress while saying “I do,” Kourtney has the chance to influence bridal fashion and leave her mark on the industry.

Although Kourtney opted for a short dress during her ceremony, not all brides might be comfortable doing so. If you’re getting married in a church or are having an outdoor autumn wedding, a long wedding dress could be more appropriate. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to forgo your dreams of a short wedding dress! Recently, more and more brides have been seen wearing two or even three wedding looks on their big day! This option will give you the opportunity to highlight multiple aspects of your style and showcase different looks that make you feel your best. Why settle for less on the biggest day of your life?

Whether you’re wearing a short dress during your ceremony, reception, or after party, there are options for every bridal style. Not everyone wants to wear a wedding dress inspired by lingerie- we totally get it! The good thing for you is that there’s a short dress that fits everyone’s style. You can find boho vibes, classically chic styles, and elegantly modern looks all with a short silhouette. No matter what your bridal style is, we know there’s a short wedding dress that you’ll love!

Kourtney Kardashian Vibes

Kourtney’s lingerie inspired wedding dress was sexy to say the least, but it also included feminine details that somehow made it soft and sweet. The rhinestone accents and figure-hugging silhouette are details that any bride can incorporate into their styling for more of a feminine look. These sexy short wedding dresses are the perfect combination of sassy and sweet for a bride who wants to try a bold style on their big day.

The More Modest Bride

A sexy style isn’t for everyone- that’s okay! Maybe a conservative wedding dress is more appropriate for your venue or you just like the way modest silhouettes look on you. Either way, there’s a short wedding dress that’ll be the answer to every wedding wish! These short styles channel classic wedding vibes that’ll impress even the most elegant bride.

Effortlessly Elegant

Elegance is a vibe that many brides hope to exude on their wedding day. Although floor length gowns are typically thought of when people imagine elegant wedding dresses, there are many short styles that still embrace all things elegance. These elegant short wedding dresses are the ideal option for a bride who wants to try out this trendy style while still feeling like royalty.

The Bride Who Wants to Shine

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and brightest days of your life. Why shouldn’t your dress match? Wearing a short wedding dress doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice an eye-catching look that lights up the dance floor. These sequined and jeweled dresses are ideal for a bride who isn’t afraid to shine!

Lovely Lace Looks

Lace is a wedding staple that brides have worn for centuries. This is clearly for a reason! Lace is an elegant style that is eye-catchingly intricate while still appearing delicate. The best part about lace is that there are so many patterns and designs that you can incorporate into your look. Whether you want a floral overlay, delicate trim, or sequined lace accents, there’s a type of lace that every bride will love.

Embrace Classic Bridal Style

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and now you need a wedding dress! Don’t panic, we are here to help you. Your wedding dress isn’t the most important part of your wedding (that’s you of course), but your wedding dress will help put that exclamation point on the vibe of your wedding, so the details need to be on point.

Today, we are going to go over the most classic and most popular wedding dress necklines to help you make the most informed and best choice to make that wedding day glow work for you!

Strapless Wonders

Staples gowns never go out of style and are one of the most popular necklines for a wedding. These styles will show off the collarbone and shoulders while also emphasizing the bust area.

1. Straight Neckline

A straight neckline is the more traditional strapless neckline style and offers a more covered choice. It is exactly as it sounds; a neckline that goes straight across the bust, covering more of your cleavage and putting the focal point on your collarbone. It’s a great choice for the bride who has been killing it at bridal boot camps and wants a traditional style that shows off her hard work.

Keep in mind that if you have a smaller bust, it will show in this style. Other cuts might add depth to your bust line but a straight neckline won’t. For the girl working with a little more up top, a straight neckline will give you more support than other strapless options and will give you a nice lift. Check out these gorgeous styles:

2. Sweetheart Neckline

A sweetheart neckline is a great variation on the traditional strapless design for the lady that wants the illusion of a fuller bust than naturally there. The heart-shaped top will add volume to the bust, so if you are flatter chested it will seem less so. It’s a great option for an athletic body type: it will draw the eye to your slim shoulders and elongate your neck while also adding fullness to your bust.

For the fuller figured bride, you will look longer in the neck and torso, but the slight lack of support for the bust line could be an issue so be mindful if you choose a dress in this silhouette. It will still be a great option for you but will need ample structure in the bodice to ensure it stays put all evening. Check out these styles we’ve highlighted here:

Neck and Shoulders

If you like a little more coverage or support than a strapless neckline offers, then we have a collection of styles that could be just for you. These styles will add a little more fabric in areas that help to elongate your body and create a silhouette that is classic and perfectly feminine for your big day. We promise these styles won’t disappoint.

1. Off the Shoulder

An off-the-shoulder look is a great option for a bride that wants to soften their shoulders and elongate their neck. It will make your top half appear slim and feminine, so it’s a great look for the bride that might want to camouflage their strong shoulders but still show off their amazing collarbone.

For fuller-figured women, try the off-the-shoulder style in a portrait neckline. It’s basically just a fancy way to say an off-the-shoulder style with a thicker strap, but it offers the most support in this style and adds enough fabric to give the perfect neckline with an ample bust. Here are some beautiful off the shoulder styles:

2. Halter Neckline

Halter necklines were a dormant neckline for a while, but they are coming back in and we are jumping on the train. This is a style that is equal parts beautiful and sassy; a style for a bride that wants to have a formal wedding but knows how to have fun while doing it. It’s a great option to be appropriate for a casual wedding as well, as the style easily transitions from a ceremony to a reception with a party rocker as the theme.

It’s a great option for elongating the torso and cinching the waist. New styles are featuring a really cute keyhole cutout, we love this little pop of skin! If you need some inspiration, we’ve got you covered:

3. Queen Anne Neckline

The Queen Anne Neckline is the most traditional bridal look on the market. It is a very formal and traditional neckline, so if this sounds like you, then you’re the right bride to rock this cut. Queen Anne gowns feature two parts: a sweetheart neckline with a small shoulder strap that comes together in the back at the base of the neck. So your back is covered, whether it is a full fabric or lace is dependent on the design, and the cleavage and collarbone is the focal point.

It’s a great style for any bride and any body type. The cut is universally appealing and is coming back in trend. While it will never go out of style, so if you’re looking for your photos to have a timeless quality this could be the right choice for you, designers have found renewed interest in the neckline so styles are abundant. We’ve gathered a few we are crushing on now:

4. Illusion Neck

An illusion neckline is a cut that has a sheer or plunge bodice, but instead of being open or exposed, there is a layer of tulle or organza fabric that offers support and barely-there coverage. It’s a great style for brides wanting a little bit of sexy but without sacrificing the support needed. Due to this detail, it can be a style worn by almost any bride, but those with fuller busts want to be careful of how much skin will be exposed.

Plunge options usually feature a thin strap that goes into a very low-cut V neckline. It is a style that can be a little more casual than others but still gives off sophistication and style. Think of an art gallery wedding. A style for the cool bride that wants a trendier vibe for her big day.

Jeweled necklines feature sheer lace on the neck, so you will be covered but your skin will peek through the lace designs. This is a more traditional, old-school-style of dress but is coming back in style because a lot of brides want to be sexy yet sophisticated. This is a great option for a traditional bride that still wants to show off some personality.

These picks should steer you in the right direction:

Straps and Sleeves

Coverage with class and style might be more of your thing. Well, we love that journey for you! Designers have brought back the long sleeve and thicker strap necklines recently and we can’t help but say I do!

1. Square or Empire Neckline

Square or empire necklines are traditional necklines but aren’t seen as regularly today as they were a few years ago. It’s a neckline that is cut with sharp angles to resemble the bottom half of a square, usually with thick straps. It’s a great style for someone looking for something traditional but isn’t used as often, meaning that if you have a friend with a wedding date close to yours the chances of your wedding dresses matching is slim to none.

It offers a broadening effect to your shoulders; when the focal point is drawn to the shoulders, you will appear slimmer and those with a flatter bust will appear fuller.

2. Scoop Neckline

A scoop neck is similar to an empire neck, but it rounds out the edges. The effect will slim the top half of your body immensely, so expect to look long and lean in this cut. Scoop neck dresses create a very feminine illusion so the dress will give off sweet, romantic vibes. It can be a bit more casual of a neckline, so be careful how you dress it up if you want something more formal but have your heart set on this style.

A few styles to choose from:

3. Bateau

Thanks to Duchess Meghan Markle, bateau necklines have made a comeback. Bateau, or boatneck, styles originally gained popularity when they were the neckline of choice for Audrey Hepburn. It’s a style that features a higher cut across the collarbone, in a straight-across cut, that comes together at the very tip of the shoulder. Bateau necklines are traditional but so beautiful; they show off little in terms of skin, but they are a form-fitted option that hugs the curves so gently and gives any woman great shape.

Dresses that feature a bateau neckline usually have a longer sleeve for support and come in more simple designs. The focal point of this dress is meant to be the sophisticated, feminine neckline so designers do less with the rest of this style to keep from deterring the eye away from your peek-a-boo shoulders. So expect a sexy but understated silhouette.

This is an option that works great for any body type; women that utilize this style will draw the eye to the top of the neck and face, so you can camouflage other areas. All of these details make us completely obsessed with this style and we hope it keeps trending. We’ve put together a little collection of beauties here:

4. V-neck/Plunge Long-Sleeve

We know this is very specific but stay with us. Designers have brought back the long sleeve and structured shoulder with plunging or v-neck silhouettes and we want them all. They are super trendy but so stylish and fashion-forward that any wedding photos with these styles will stand the test of time.

The neckline offers so much variety, that there is literally a dress for every bride. The sleeve details can vary to achieve different themes and wedding vibes, but the sophisticated style and long sleeves are complimentary for women of every body type. Slimming and show-stopping. What a miraculous combination.

For an added touch, try a simple satin gown with a puff shoulder detail, or an all-over sparkly gown. Both of these styles are trending but look unique and original every time. You cand the inspiration you’re craving here:

Backless Wonder

Ok, this isn’t a neckline, but hear us out! A backless dress is a category all its own and while the focal point is on your back instead of your front, it is a neckline in wedding dresses that can’t be ignored. This style can be high cut or simple in the front but will feature a very low back, so if this is an area that you aren’t comfortable showing off then tread lightly with this silhouette.

It’s a style that drums up a lot of attention and intrigue. Drama. It is all the drama, and honey, we came for the tea. These are great options to consider:

Time To Say Yes!

We have loved gathering all the details on wedding dress necklines and we hope you have too! Whatever style you choose, always remember to stick to your true self and your bridal beauty will glow brighter than the sun.

Wedding dresses have so much variety that sometimes it can be hard to choose the right fabric for your body and wedding vibe. Different fabrics can be better suited not only for different silhouettes but also better suited for different seasons.

While we argue that any gown can be the perfect look for your big day if that’s the dress you know is right, Queenly is here to break down some of the most popular fabrics and when you can expect to see them.

1. Lace

Let’s start with the most traditional fabric you can expect to see on a wedding dress: lace. Dresses made of lace can come in a variety of weights; meaning that heavier lace fabrics are usually reserved for winter weddings and lighter, softer laces are better suited for summer weddings.

Regardless of fabric weight, lace dresses translate to weddings of every season and given the traditional vibe of the fabric, are at home on any silhouette of dress as well. Lace dresses can also vary in personality and tone of the evening depending on the cut and style of dress as well as accessories chosen.

A long sleeve lace dress with a high slit and chunky platforms can stun at a rocker, edgy wedding, whereas a long-sleeved dress without a slit and a pair of cowboy boots will be right at home at a country chic affair.

Kim Kardashian chose an all lace, long sleeve gown for her wedding to Kanye West and it was the most romantic lace dress we could have imagined. Even if you opt for adding a bit of funk to your frock, lace will give off romantic notes and have you feeling the love all day.

Similarly, Duchess Kate Middleton chose a chantilly lace stunner from Alexander Mcqueen for her wedding to Prince William and it is a look that 10 years later is still one of those most copied gowns on the market.

Feel like a princess in these lace dresses:

2. Silk

Another traditional and popular material for wedding dresses is silk. It has always been a luxe fabric, reserved for the most special occasions. It is durable and strong while maintaining a lightweight and breezy feel. Silk was first produced in ancient civilizations of China but once silk exports were opened up became a worldwide sensation.

Did you know that during WWII the American military used silk to produce the parachutes and coordinating items because it was easy to pack, as well as light to carry, and the most flame-resistant material they had available?

These might not seem like items a bride would worry about, but knowing that you can wear your gown all day without serious wear and tear and you can perform that candle ceremony without worry should help you feel good about your choices.

While silk is a strong and durable option, lighter types of silk will show every curve and shape of your body, so be mindful when choosing what type of silk gown you want to buy.

A gown made of charmeuse silk will be light and airy, so these will typically be seen in spring and summer weddings when you don’t want anything too heavy. This is a fabric that can be hard to alter given its production methods, so be mindful of this when it comes time to order for sizing purposes. It will also be the more expensive option so look out for those price tags!

Mikado silk has been gaining popularity momentum in recent years and it comes as no surprise. It is a heavier, more structured type of silk that will hold shape better than other silk fabrics so it has become the go-to fabric for simple sheath gowns. This type of silk also has the brightest sheen so your dress will literally shine without any heavy beading or details needed.

Mikado silk is a great option for that simple, understated elegant bride that wants a seriously formal affair but without over-the-top glitz and glam. The silk, as said, holds shape so a mermaid gown or sheath cut dress will hang and hug in all the right places. It is a heavier fabric so many times winter wedding brides tend to favor this fabric but it can be worn all year long.

Organza silk is a more sheer and lightweight option if you are going for a fuller look on your wedding dress. It is similar to tulle, but hangs and flows more giving you more movement in your dress than the former will. Dresses made from organza silk epitomize a romantic and soft wedding vibe and call for a formal affair. If you need any style inspiration consider the stunning Givenchy gown Duchess Meghan Markle wore for her big day.

The dress was made of triple-layered organza silk and required perfect seams and cuts to achieve a beautiful look. It will hold shape as do other types of silk but will add more volume given the difference in feel to this material so a tulip or dropped waist gown, as well as an A-line, will be stunning in this fabric.

Chiffon silk can often be confused with organza silk given the similarity in feel and movement, but chiffon is more airy and sheer. It is a soft fabric that does well in the summer and spring months given its breathability and movement in the breeze. Chiffon is more of a matte style fabric whereas other silk options are shinier so be aware of this detail when looking for chiffon style gowns.

It is also a style that speaks well for dresses for other important parties to the brides, such as the mother of the bride gown. Chiffon will keep its shape but due to the lightweight qualities will flow a lot when walking so it hugs less than other silk materials will.

A growing trend for chiffon dresses are those with sheer chiffon sleeves and they look modern and sophisticated yet fun and whimsical. Unlike other silk fabrics, chiffon gowns are at home at more simple casual affairs, such as a beach wedding so don’t be afraid of this fabric is black tie formal isn’t your thing.

Crepe silk has a certain crinkle quality to it, so the fabric has texture without needing lace or embellishments so it is the perfect option for a more understated bride. The material drapes and hugs your curves so if you’re a bride looking to flaunt that shape you’ve been working so hard on, this is the fabric for you.

It is elegant and sleek without any beading or excessive additives, so think of a beautiful fit and flare or mermaid shape, and a long row of buttons down the back for added drama. Solange Knowles wowed in a caped crepe silk dress for her wedding and her look will be iconic for generations to come.

Now that you know all about silk, check out these elegant silk styles from Queenly:

Satin is a shiny and heavy fabric that is perfect for the bride looking for more structure and shape from their dress while still being able to look elegant and traditional. It is technically a material made from many fibers including silk and some synthetic types, which gives it the weaving pattern that all brides know and love.

Satin drapes perfectly over your shape and will give you a silhouette you love while also hiding areas you want to camouflage. It is a great option all year but heavier satin fabrics do tend to translate better to colder month weddings so be aware of the type of satin when choosing your gown.

Try these beautiful satin dresses on for size:

Tulle is a fabric that most girls have heard of. It is the choice for underskirts as well as the biggest full ball gowns on the market and offers structure with a touch of whimsy. It is the ideal choice for a girl looking for her princess moment and will still offer structure without being heavy. Paris Hilton most recently donned an all-over lace gown at her wedding with a tulle underskirt, giving her the fairytale romance as well as a full ball gown detail.

Make a statement with these tulle looks:

Say I Do in Style

We hope these style points have you saying I do to your perfect gown, and your perfect partner, very soon. Wedding dress trends come and go, but if you want your photos to stand the test of time, sticking to these popular and timeless wedding dress fabrics will have your big day looking trendy and fashionable for years to come.

It’s true; just like all designers do every year, David’s Bridal also discontinues looks. They come out with so many new dress styles and colors each year that they have to get rid of some of the older options to keep everything fresh and exciting. While we love fresh and exciting, we also love classic and timeless. Thanks to Queenly, however, you can find both new and classic styles on our site without breaking a sweat.

Today, we’ve gathered a few facts about the well-known company as well as put together a list of some classic, historic looks that we think should definitely make a new entrance to the party. Whether you’re getting ready for prom, your wedding, or just a day of shopping, we’ve got all the details you’ll need to comb through the archives.

How Did David’s Bridal Originate?

What started out as a local Ft. Lauderdale, Florida bridal shop in 1950 has now turned into a nationwide sensation. Even if you didn’t find the dress for you, David’s Bridal is probably somewhere you looked. Their styles have always evolved with the times and one thing has always been certain: you can find a great bang for your buck with their label.

David, the man behind the name, started the business but sold it in 1970 when it became the household name it is today. Did you know that an estimated one in three women will wear a David’s Bridal Gown? So if you know three brides, there’s a good chance you know where they got their gowns.

Even though it was still a one-off name when Phillip Youtie purchased the company, his dream was to expand the brand and its reach. He expanded the company to part of what it is today but ultimately sold the business in 1999. In the year 2000, the business went further; under new ownership, they started selling bridesmaid and evening gown styles and really made a permanent niche for themselves in formal wear.

What Do We Love About Them?

Blog image on Queenly

There’s a lot to love about David’s Bridal gowns. Not only are they affordable for almost any budget, but they also have a vast range of colors and styles. They do their very best to keep up with the latest trends as well as forecast what will be popular in upcoming seasons.

Above all style and color options, David’s Bridal has made a genuine commitment to be available for anyone, any size. Their mannequins as well as dresses come in a variety of sizes to be as inclusive as possible. We love a company that promotes for every woman out there!

What We Miss

Because trends for evening wear come and go, so too do the gowns that are available from designers. Even in companies that pride themselves on choices, there are so many options that it makes sense to offer.

So, today is all about the trends of days’ past. Queenly is breaking down all the classic looks and style points that have gone dormant but definitely need a revival.

Shoulders First

Yes, the shoulder pad did have a bit of a moment a few months back, but not quite the resuscitation we truly hoped for. A strong shoulder is a perfect statement for any trendsetter. It creates a beautiful silhouette and is a great style point for all body shapes.

While not entirely traditional for wedding gowns, it’s a great look for evening wear and would be right at home on a sleek prom look.

Cold shoulder details are another style that has been put in the time capsule, but we think they deserve another look. The open shoulder with a strap and sleeve detail creates an ethereal vibe that is perfect for the boho bride or whimsical prom-going teen.

If you need some shoulder inspo, check out these top picks:

Sleeve Details

No doubt about it, we all made fun of mothers and aunts for their puffy sleeve choices, but we think it deserves a new moment. It’s a fun, rocker chic trend that can signify an ultimate party look. It might not be for everyone, but a good puff sleeve can add detail that no one is expecting but everyone will envy.

An off-the-shoulder lace and embellished three-quarter sleeve is a style that we haven’t seen since the 80s but has stood the test of time in wedding photos. It might not be on any wedding or prom mood boards now, but that’s just because the style has been taken out of the conversation. Well, we think that these sparkly partial sleeves deserve a new seat at the table and we will be first in line to welcome them back.

Some style picks to consider:

The Side Sweep

It’s a style that pulls focus to one hip and draws attention to the mid-section but is a slimming style no matter your size. While it truly will never go out of style, it is a silhouette that has been put on the backburner thanks to trendy sheath and straight gowns. While it might not be the most popular in magazines, we want to bring it back!

The side sweep will look great for all body types and is a classic look that will give any prom or wedding photos a timeless quality. Even with the eye being brought to the middle of your body, and that’s an area most of us are self-conscious about, the side detail will actually work to give your waist more definition to give you a killer shape.

Here are a few we love:

Start The Petitions

We hope these inspired some to grab their pens and start a letter-writing campaign for David’s Bridal. Joking, but we hope you enjoyed this walk down memory lane nonetheless. Queenly’s goal is to always bring you the best of what fashion has to offer, but that doesn’t mean we leave classics in the past, especially when they hit just as well as anything on-trend!

What started a small family business in New York City in 1953 has now become a wedding gown staple designer nationwide. Morilee wedding dresses are the pinnacle of gorgeous, dramatic wedding gowns. We at Queenly love this designer; not just for the wedding dresses though!

Did you know Morilee has made it a point to also become a staple in pageants, mother-of-the-bride looks, bridesmaid styles, and quinceañera dresses? They want to specialize in every style of gown women need to bring the most style and quality to every woman everywhere. Their goal as a design house is to be available and relatable to every woman regardless of shape or size. We think that is a beautiful thing.

Morilee does it all, but today is all about the brides. Head designer Madeline Gardner truly believes that wedding dress designs that are done right are magical, and we love this thinking. She puts her heart and soul into every Morilee gown and the care shows.

Affordable and Attainable

While the designer started small, with only a handful of shops selling their specialty gowns in the beginning, they have become a household name for weddings in recent years. Their gowns literally have global access and universal adoration.

The best part is, they have a serious standard for quality at really affordable prices. Many of their gowns are around or just under $1,000. Which for gorgeous beaded and lace wedding gowns that still put quality as the number one priority is unheard of.

Not for Morilee. The designer sets their standards high and keeps the dresses affordable so brides everywhere will be able to buy their gowns if they find a style they love. For the quality of detail and material you get from Morilee, you would expect their gowns to be at least double their price range. This means that you can fall in love with their gowns and buy one too!

And when we say attainable, we do mean attainable; Morilee has a full collection devoted just to plus sizes, so when they say every bride and every woman they really do mean it. It is so important to be size-inclusive because women of every shape and size matter and deserve to look and feel their best, especially on their wedding day. Fuller figured women shouldn’t be forced to shop at different stores and a designer who understands this and does something about it is a designer we can get behind!

Drama, Drama, Drama

One of the main style points for Morilee gowns is the exaggerated elegance of their gowns. The drama! We love the drama. The styles are fitted and sophisticated but offer every woman a chance to show off their curves and feel sexy and feminine on their wedding day. Styles are made to stand the test of time but are always in tune with the latest trends so every bride is timeless but fashion-forward.

The Blu collection offers the most seductive of styles that offer eye-catching and thought-provoking details that require a double-take. Subtle cowl necklines are trending but offer a fashion statement that will never go out of style. These styles are meant to emphasize every curve a woman has to offer and showing off skin is definitely in.

Subtle sheer bodices and off-the-shoulder styles are the perfect way to accentuate and elongate the neck and make women of all body types feel beautiful. Thigh-high slits are also added for a sexy touch on a gown to give a peek-a-boo detail when you walk. The natural movement of the dress will give way to the slit and show off a bit of leg and be the perfect detail to wow guests.

Madeline Gardner created a collection for Morilee that is the perfect combination of sexy and sweet. The collection offers gowns with straps and long sleeves that offer more support and cover a little more, but the designs are form-fitting and have sheer details to add a little intrigue.

If you’re looking for a Morilee gown in these styles and collections, here are a few to consider:

Effortless Elegance

Morilee also has designs that put style and class at the forefront of their couture collection. These are gowns that are perfect for black tie formal weddings; they are gowns in the most luxe of fabrics and many feature the most intricate of details. These include delicate laces, intricate beading, and beautiful embroidered designs.

The AF Couture collection from Morilee features their most expensive gowns, but as we’ve stated before, these gowns are a lot more reasonable than other gowns of similar style from other designers. This means that even if these are their highest prices, you are still able to consider these styles for your wedding!

This collection is all about creating the most focal point and attention in the dress. The number of details will have the eye constantly searching to find everything your gown has to offer. It is the perfect option for a bride that wants to get the absolute most out of their wedding dress. Details like these ensure that every eye is on you at every turn on your big day. It’s like the most extra, but in a really good way.

If understated elegance is more your thing, then Morilee features a gown collection called The Other White Dresses. It’s a collection of wedding gowns that are simple but so beautiful and come in a variety of cuts to help accentuate any woman’s natural curves. These are gowns that don’t have any excessive detail or pattern but offer so much beauty and style for any woman that wants the dress to be less of the focal point.

The Other White Dresses come in silk crepe designs; a fabric that hangs and drapes on the body in a very complimentary way. It’s a fabric that is great for women of all shapes, as it will only be as form-fitting as the style wants, so the material will offer natural movement and still give you a lovely feminine shape.

Another great selling point for these gowns is the traditional necklines that they utilize. When you mix a simple style with a popular neckline you get a timeless silhouette that will be fashionable forever. Thanks to the wedding gown of Duchess Meghan Markle, the bateau neckline is back in style and Morilee gowns use it to their advantage.

They also have done a fantastic job of creating beautiful silhouettes featuring the portrait neckline. It is a very traditional cut, but one that emphasizes the bust and elongates the neck, all while bringing attention to the face to really show off that wedding day glow.

We’ve put together a few pieces that are sure to shine on your big day:

Modern Modesty

Morilee really thinks of everything. Many of the collections feature gowns with sheer details and low-cut necklines, but the Grace collection only features gowns that cover more of the body with the same intricate details as the other gowns.

Modern modesty is a popular trend at the moment; it’s a way for women who adhere to a modern way of dressing without compromising fashion and style. Take Paris Hilton’s gorgeous wedding dress, for example. Thanks to gown collections like Grace by Morilee, women who require more covered-up designs can still find gowns by big designers.

They are beautiful designs that feature the fit and flare and ball gown silhouettes; options that still compliment a woman’s figure without being too form-hugging. These gowns also have higher necklines, and shoulders predominantly covered. Meaning that each gown will have either a long or short sleeve, the shortest option being a cap sleeve style.

We’ve said that Madeline Gardner’s main goal is to achieve a timeless look with modern and trendy details; she does just that with the Grace collection. The necklines are traditional wedding gown styles: scoop neck and high cut v-neck styles. Each has a very traditional neckline that will never go out of style, but the scoop has come back in style and is a beautiful feminine silhouette that doesn’t reveal any skin that could be considered immodest.

The v-neck cut is a great style for designers that want to stick to modest silhouettes because it does add a level of femininity without being revealing, and isn’t the most traditional style for wedding gowns. What this does is mix a casual neckline with a formal gown and create a trendy style all its own.

Foxy Figure

Morilee designs come in a great variety of sizes, but they also have a collection of gowns called Julietta that is made exclusively in extended sizes. This is so the gowns can be designed with certain cuts for fuller figures as well as designs that can handle extra support without compromising any of the styles.

The gowns are gorgeous and have the same attention to detail as any of the other collections. Many gowns don’t look any different than any styles that are featured in other collections, but the necklines do feature added boning to the bodice as well as skirts in more organza silk or tulle versus crepe.

This is so the gown can have the same flattering effect for a fuller figured body that an athletic body type would get with crepe silk. When you use the silk option with slightly more volume, it creates a tapered waist that gives off a slimming silhouette.

What we love about the Julietta collection is it isn’t meant to make women want to hide their figure; women should love their bodies no matter what! Morilee’s design intention is to accentuate and highlight the figure in the most flattering ways and that is what this collection achieves.

Trendy Twist

We can’t help but highlight the women out there who like to stray away from tradition. The brides that want to push the limits of bridal and take fashion-forward a step further.

Maybe that means a blush pink ball gown, or at least a skirt or bodice with some color other than the traditional range of white shades, and we love that Morilee also designs gowns that can be utilized to create some style moments.

You deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams and if that means something a little different than the typical wedding styles, well Morilee has you covered! They have beautiful ball gowns of tulle and ruffled options in blush colors, which are trendy ways right now to break from bridal tradition. Still very formal and translate well to bridal, but not the typical styles and colors that you expect to see.

These dresses offer a little pattern for brides, specifically floral, bodices with beautiful bridal style ball gown skirts. This offers a bit of tradition with a modern twist, and we love the combination!

These designs offer drama and a wow factor that some brides don’t feel like they can get with a standard wedding gown style, so this is a perfect way to get everything they want out for their big day. Here are a few styles to consider if this is the kind of bride you want to be:

Mor-ilee Magic, Please!

We have loved all the details today about one of our favorite designers, Morilee, and we hope you did too! Queenly is all about women empowering women and when we get to gush about designers that do the same, well, we consider that a great day. No matter what Morilee style you choose, it is sure to stun at your wedding and make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend anything close to that much.

You can sleep easy through the whole wedding planning process knowing that your gown will be beautiful and luxe and wow everyone when you walk down the aisle. Especially your significant other, and yes, you have our permission: if they don’t cry when they see you walk out in your Morilee gown, feel free to start the whole ceremony over!

Madeline Gardner creates these designs to ensure that any woman anywhere will feel like the inner queen they are on their wedding day. When you slip that gown on for the first time, we hope you feel the magic that she put into that design. It is such a special moment to find your dream gown, we can’t wait to see what you find! Happy shopping!

Stick With the Trends

Wedding season looks like it’ll never end! The 2022 wedding season has easily been the hottest we’ve ever seen. After pushing off their weddings for months or even years, thousands of couples are finally saying “I do” in extravagant, meticulously planned celebrations. When you have extra time on your hands, you might as well make the most of it!

We’ve been keeping track of every eye-catching bridal design, unique wedding trend, and stunning silhouette we’ve seen this season. While some wedding day choices can be attributed to personal preferences, cultural backgrounds, or long-standing traditions, many current weddings are embracing modern, trendy styles. These newer trends have been helping brides stand out among the sea of couples tying the knot in 2022.

Although most trends tend to come and go without ever returning, some like to stick around for the long haul. As Taylor Swift would say, these bridal styles “come back stronger than a 90’s trend!”

Detailed Strapless

Strapless gowns are a bridal style that we never anticipate going away. This silhouette first became popular in the 2000s when it became increasingly popular to have your wedding at a venue other than a church. Without having to keep modesty in mind, more and more brides started wearing strapless wedding dresses. With the revival of Y2K fashion happening in all corners of the industry, it was only a matter of time before this style solidified its spot in the wedding scene.

Like most fashion trends of seasons past, strapless wedding gowns were in need of a little facelift before entering the modern bridal scene. That’s why 2022 strapless styles are all about the details! These intricate embellishments, unique appliques, and ornate patterns are like nothing we’ve ever seen in a wedding dress collection. If you’re a bride who wants an eye-catching look for their special day, then one of these strapless gowns might be the one for you.

Sexy Lace

One of the most widely embraced and elegant wedding gown styles is classic white lace. This style has transcended decades upon decades of fashion trends since it first became popularized by Queen Victoria in 1840. Queen Victoria’s wedding gown was unlike any other during her time and this bold choice gave her a permanent place in the wedding industry. Although styles have shifted towards the sexier side since Queen Victoria debuted her silk satin gown with hand-made Honiton lace appliques, lace is clearly a bridal style that’s here to stay.

Elegant Sleeves

For some brides, elegance means everything on their wedding day. Making sure that you look graceful and poised as you walk down the aisle can be made much easier in an elegant wedding dress. While some shy away from elegant styles in an attempt to avoid looking too conservative or matronly, there are different ways to incorporate elegant aspects into your wedding dress. Sleeves are a popular silhouette option for brides who want an elegant style without sacrificing eye-catching designs.

Structured Silhouettes

If you’re one of those fun brides, you might think that structure makes everything boring. While this might be the case for vacations or nights out, the same can’t be said for wedding dresses! Structured silhouettes, especially structured necklines, are being incorporated into all areas of the fashion industry, from casual tank tops to prom dresses, to wedding gowns. Structured gowns are often more modern in overall style and ideal for a bride who wants to wear a gown that’s guaranteed never to have been seen before.

Plunging Neckline

Taking any plunge can be scary, we get it. But this type of deep plunge is something you shouldn’t be worried about! Deep v necklines, plunging necklines, and cutout necklines are all stylish ways to bring a touch of sex appeal to your wedding day. These super sultry styles can be easily incorporated into most silhouettes and designs, so creating your ideal wedding day look is a piece of (wedding) cake!

Intricate Illusion Neckline

Get ready to feel like everyone’s favorite princess! Illusion necklines aren’t easy to create, but the end result is always breathtaking. Think of this style as taking lace to the next level. While you still get the sheerness and delicate patterns that lace creates, you get an extra element of sexiness and uniqueness added to your overall look. The best part? By having intricate detailing on the neckline, your gown will naturally draw attention to your gorgeous hair and makeup.

Sweet Simplicity

Sometimes, the best way to stand out is to wear something simple. While some brides like to go all out on their wedding day, you might be the type to prefer a classic style that allows you to shine through while wearing it. This was easily the case when Megan Markle showed up to her wedding in a solidly white, long-sleeved gown designed by Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of Givenchy. When asked why she selected Waight Keller as her designer, Markle credited her “elegant aesthetic” and “relaxed demeanor” as some of the reasons why. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_dress_of_Meghan_Markle)

The 2022 wedding season is one nobody will ever forget. From postponed weddings to extravagant celebrations, we’re finally getting back on track. With so many wedding dress styles appearing all across social media, it can be hard to differentiate between personal style and embracing new trends. If you’re a bride-to-be, then hopefully you’ve been inspired to try out a new style from our 2022 wedding dress trends.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and we are so happy to be here to celebrate with you! But you know who is even more excited? The girls you chose for your bridal party. These are your ride-or-die ladies and they would do anything to give you the love and support you need for this major milestone (including a getaway car if necessary!).

Like most of us, you have probably been dreaming about the venue and colors since the day you got really serious with your significant other, but just in case you haven’t been able to find the right inspiration, we are here today to break down some of the hottest bridesmaid dress color trends hitting the scene.

Trends come and go, so you want to make sure that any colors or popular details you select will stand the test of time and look beautiful in pictures no matter what’s in style. Lucky for you, Queenly is here (with a huge selection of David’s Bridal dresses) to keep you looking trendsetting for years to come. Walk with us down the aisle as we take a look at the 2022 color trends you can expect to see.

Pop of Color

David’s Bridal has listed a few bridesmaid dress colors that are trending now and are taking top spots in the wedding season to come. Those colors are shades of blue and purple, and soft pinks and grays.

These four color groups can be darkened or lightened depending on the time of year, but they are the colors you should be expected to see the most for upcoming weddings. They are flattering to all complexions and look great next to a white wedding dress.

They are also great options for creating a great vibe for the wedding. The darker shades of any of these colors will create a more formal atmosphere, whereas the lighter colors can lend themselves to a more casual affair. You can also expect these colors to look great in varying fabrics, so if tulle is the stuff made of nightmares for you, you can rest easy knowing you can still pick a trendy color without compromising on your wants.

A great benefit of picking a simple gown with a plain color is that it will never go out of style (even if the color you chose is no longer the most popular option). The bridesmaids’ gowns that tend to look dated and unfortunately tacky as time goes on are those that follow too closely with very specific details that are only popular for a minute in fashion.

Pairing a simple yet elegant bridesmaid dress with a popular or trendy color will always have a timeless quality and every few years your chosen colors will come back as the hit for the season, so you’re bound to have trendy wedding pics for years to come.

Start here for some great inspiration:

Lack of Color

There’s also a non-color that is trending currently for bridesmaid dress looks, and that is white. An all-white wedding is glamorous and so elegant, you and your wedding party will exude style and sophistication. It can be a hot-button topic with brides; obviously, you don’t want to be outshined or not stand out at your own wedding. It would be even worse if this happened because YOU made the decision to put every girl next to you in white.

But white bridesmaid dresses are beautiful and so different from traditional wedding dresses. The best advice here, if you like this trend and want to do something that is a bit risky but pays off greatly, is to go short for your girls and stick to traditional looks for yourself. This way you can get the effect with the white gowns without taking away from your dress and your moment to shine.

Color Combo

In addition to these trending colors are a few great color combinations that are definitely worth a second look. Again, due to the nature of the trend, these ideas are less likely to appear outdated one day and will have lasting style effects for photos. Your wedding pics will be as timeless as you are!

Monochrome Magic

The first option would be the same dress in various shades and hues of that color. This style of color combination is always a style win and has been around a long time without ever losing its stylish edge. Multiple shades of pinks, blues, and grays work wonders for this trend and always ensure that your pictures are stunning and you stand out in a sea of color.

Multiple shades of pinks, blues, and grays work wonders for this trend. A white dress in the middle of multiple shades of color will pop, as it will be the brightest option and have more contrast against the varying degrees of color on your bridesmaids. The color will make for a gorgeous background and your bridesmaids will be happy to have a little individuality as well, so bonus points for being such a thoughtful bride!

Here are some great styles that could definitely be built upon:

Colorful Ombre

Something that is trending right now instead is an ombre that uses multiple colors in varying degrees to create a boho-esque rainbow.

An ombre is generally seen in one color, from dark to light or vice versa. Something that is trending right now instead is an ombre that uses multiple colors in varying degrees to create a boho-esque rainbow.

An ombre is generally seen in one color, from dark to light or vice versa. Something that is trending right now instead is an ombre that uses multiple colors in varying degrees to create a boho-esque rainbow.

The look is beautiful and works so well for fall weddings in autumnal colors; think a color scheme with navy blue, sage green, lavender, rose pink. All the colors you crave in a style that will look amazing on the day and in posed photos. It’s the kind of trend that others will be jealous of; you’ll have your best friend wanting to redo her own nuptials before the end of the ceremony!

While this trend is innovative and so beautiful, keep the style of the gown lighter; we recommend a silk or tulle option, something that will offer structure but sway naturally when your ladies are on the dance floor, but is also a fabric that isn’t overwhelming.

While a satin ball gown might have been your first thought, this dress trend just will be too much for a fuller skirt. The tulle or organza has the airy quality to keep it from being too much so if you did have fuller skirts in mind this is the way to do it.

We aren’t picking favorites but do think the best choice for this trend would be a silk midi slip dress. The barely-there and effortless quality of the gown make it a perfect complement to the boho vibes of the ombre trend. What’s also great is David’s Bridal believes the midi slip bridesmaid dress to be the trendiest option for the upcoming wedding season so your options will be endless!

Coming in With Contrast

This trend is really new but so artistic and creative. Contrasting dress options is a great color combination for bridesmaid dresses and will look so cool in photos. Think alternating blue and orange dresses, or red and green. You could do a variety of shades of each color to give it a really unique flair or stick to one shade of each color for a more uniform look.

Either way, this is a great idea for a woman with a large bridal party, but definitely make sure it’s an even number! The effect will be stronger the more bridesmaids standing next to each other and each style and color of bridesmaid dress will pop next to a contrasting color. With the amount of color this look demands, your bright white gown will glow in your photos and you will be setting a trend that your attendees will talk about for years to come.

Jeweled Look

A hue that is sure to stand the test of time but is killing the bridesmaid dress game right now is the jeweled tone. Sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and rose are the most classic gem colors that are the epitome of elegance and class.

We love weddings that utilize these colors altogether; yes, you read that right. Weddings with each bridesmaid dressed in a gown in a different jewel tone are a beautiful and luxurious experience. The eye catches each color and it is a lovely thing.

If jewel tones are a little too deep or bold for you, or your wedding is in the summer and these colors are too heavy for the heat, try using these jewel tones in what is being called sorbet hues. David’s Bridal has a great selection of jeweled tones in softer, slightly muted hues that have a breezier feel. This way you can use the bold and royal-adjacent color scheme with the appropriate vibe for a summer or spring wedding.

Ready To Walk

We hope these color trends courtesy of David’s Bridal have helped inspire you today. No matter what you choose, remember that sticking to the vibe that is the most authentic to you and your love is the most important part to ensure that you never need a wedding redo.

It’s Time to Style Your Bridesmaids

We are going to start this article by saying two things. First, to the brides: don’t feel attacked. We love you and want all the happiness in the world for you. So understand that we say this with love. Second, to the bridesmaids: we know what you’ve been through. And we are here for you.

Now we need to ask a question: why do you hate us?! We are your best friends, and we hold your dress when you pee. Why did you put us in seafoam green with a hoop skirt and bows?

Kidding. We are kidding. But let us not forget the infamous line from The Wedding Planner: “teal, the color of gangrene.”

When the tradition of bridesmaids started out, it was for survival. Seriously, there are real reasons why brides need their girls (we’ll be getting into these a little more later). Over time, the tradition has evolved. Bridesmaids still take care of their bride, but brides are doing those bridesmaids dirty.

So let’s address that wedding elephant in the room: those hideous bridesmaid’s gowns. Settle in, this is going to take a while.

What Good Are the Maids?

The tradition of bridesmaids has been around since ancient Rome. Today, bridesmaids dress alike to help the bride stand out. Then, brides wore the same exact dresses as their bridesmaids. Why? To confuse evil spirits and would-be wedding spoilers. Most weddings at that time were arranged by parents, so any jealous potential suitors needed to be fended off.

Want to know why he’s called the best man? It was the man the groom picked to help those maids in case any rival suitors came calling. He was considered the best fighter or shooter in case a battle started. Really gives new meaning to the term ride-or-die, doesn’t it?

Why Has It Gone So Wrong?

The 70s, 80s, and early 90s brought some questionable fashion choices anyway. But none so questionable (and funny) as those about dreading that bridesmaid dress. Raise your hand if you remember that scene in Friends when Rachel’s dress gets caught in her underwear. Now raise your hand if you laughed at the panties but cringed inside because you had flashbacks to your own bridesmaid moment.

Most of us have been there and some of us are getting ready to be there for the first time. Either way, if you’ve been personally victimized by Regina George a bride, we know your pain.

What Do We Think?

We know that the day is all about the bride. She’s the most important person in the room, and we love this journey for her. But was it too much to ask not to parade us around and thoroughly embarrass us too? For decades, the whole idea was that the bride needed to stand out and look the best. So naturally, that meant making the bridesmaids look a little lackluster.

The tradition of dressing bridesmaids in crazy outlandish garments stemmed from the necessity to help the bride look their best. It’s their day and we just want to be good friends, we feel the same way. So just remember that plastic pink floor-length ball gown when it comes time to plan your own wedding.

How Did This Happen?

Our biggest question remains: why are you doing this to us? What if all of the bridesmaids are single? How will they ever meet their soulmate at your wedding when you have dressed them in head to toe lime green? They look like Kermit the Frog. Unless someone comes dressed as Miss Piggy, we don’t expect to see any sparks flying.

We all can’t help but wonder about the day brides everywhere get their pictures back. Will they notice how bad their girls look? Will they actually stand out from the sea of electric blue taffeta standing behind them? If you have any memories of wearing horrible bridesmaid dresses, please let us know. We want the photographs that prove this actually helps brides look the best at their wedding day.

From our point of view, we worry about the day some innocent child gets ahold of a wedding photo and asks what those women were wearing. In fact, because that would be so funny, we encourage some more questionable choices from the brides.

Kidding ladies, but you can see why that would be funny right?

What’s Also Going On?

The tradition of dressing bridesmaids in crazy outlandish garments stemmed from the necessity to help the bride look their best. We aren’t defending these style choices by any means, but some of these dresses aren’t that bad. The problem comes when you choose that same gown about six times over to accommodate that many bridesmaids. One long sleeve high-neck green gown might be ok. But when you parade out woman after woman wearing the same dress, it becomes a little less than appealing.

So what do we think is happening? We think brides are searching the racks for that perfect gown to compliment their own. She finds it, falls in love with the style, and tells each girl to pick theirs up. But what isn’t she doing? Have all the women get together and wear them first.

That scene in Bridesmaids when all the women come out and model their choice. If more brides had a moment like that you might have seen less heinous fashion catching on through the years. While the moment a bride finds her dream dress has always been one shared with friends and family, many times the bride was left to just pick something for the bridesmaids. It was good practice to just let her choose.

So What Do We Really Think?

What do we think actually happened to spark an ugly dress trend? We assume, maybe hope, that the trend started out of innocence. Someone out there found some crazy, wild, over-the-top gown and actually liked it. Thought, this is what my girls should wear on my big day. Then bought four of them in matching colors and handed them out with pride. We wish we could have been there for this moment.

We can only assume that someone attending their wedding must have been horrified at first watching those women file out slowly in those gowns. Can you imagine the shock and awe of that day when those dresses saw the light of day for the first time? Someone didn’t just see something surprising. Someone out there saw something revolutionary and inspiring.

One guest must have been engaged herself or close to it. Saw how terrible these dresses were, but saw how great the bride looked and thought, brilliant. She was given the inspiration that day then and there to have her own gang of poorly dressed women waltz down the aisle in front of her.

Where Did It All Go?

Thankfully, we’ve come out the other side of this trend. Bridesmaids are no longer dressed up to look like Bo Peep at weddings. Brides are realizing two facts. One, that no matter how gorgeous your friends are, everyone at the wedding is there to see you. Second, you have to hold onto these memories forever, you might as well enjoy the evidence (ie: those pictures you display all over).

Brides have come to realize that the gowns they choose for their friends will be worn all night and shown off throughout the wedding. Why not give your wedding some better aesthetic with gorgeous bridesmaids’ gowns?

With the styles getting better and better over the years, we all sleep better at night. We know that eventually our friends will get engaged and we are up for one of those coveted bridesmaid positions. So thankfully for us, brides now compete for the best bridesmaids’ dresses instead of the worst.

If You Need Some Clarification

We are just going to spell this out for the brides in the back: we want better! If you are thinking of having us in your wedding, please don’t make us look like gremlins. We want to stand behind you with genuine smiles on our faces. Seriously, those fake smiles look terrible in your pictures.

We are just going to spell this out for the brides in the back: we want better! Please don’t do to us what some other bride might have done to you. We promise to return the favor when it’s our turn to get married. Whatever that favor might be is up to you now, but there could be a nice dress in your future if there’s one in ours!

If You Need Some Help

Maybe you’re a bride that just doesn’t know what looks good, or you don’t know what your girls want. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This section is all about giving brides and bridesmaids some styling do’s, so none of us end up with don’ts. It’s not easy picking styles that match the vibes of all our best ladies, so sit back and take notes.

Don’t Assume You Know Best

This is a hard one. It’s your wedding so yes, the final say should be in your hands. But just because you fell in love with a sheer high neck gown doesn’t mean every girl will look good in it.

Do Ask the Ladies Their Opinion

Getting the girls together for some celebratory brunch is a great way to break the ice about dresses. You can find out what they like and what they don’t like. It’s not easy finding one dress to rule them all, in case you weren’t sure what we mean, see Lord of the Rings. Those different realms tried it and, well, it didn’t go over too well.

By engaging the bridesmaids in a conversation about their own gowns, you’ll find out how everyone feels about what they want to wear. We aren’t saying you have to give overall control to them, but hear them out so everyone feels good about the choices.

If you do have your heart set on one specific dress, maybe see which girl likes it as well. It could be something that makes the maid of honor stand out by wearing it, or you end up with each girl wearing a different dress in the same color. While we do recognize it’s your day and you should ultimately be happy and get the final say, let your ladies have a voice too.

If you need a place to start, here are a few styles we love:

Don’t Just Copy What You See

Just because you saw an article with a “fashion-forward” bridesmaid dress trend in it doesn’t mean you should copy it. Sometimes editorials are a little wild for the artistic direction. It doesn’t always translate to real-life as well.

The same goes if you attend a wedding and a bride has gone really avant-garde with her outfit choices. It might not look the same if replicated because your personality and those of your bridesmaids don’t fit as perfectly into this narrative.

Do Take the Inspiration

What you should be doing is taking those ideas as inspiration. Take note of the styles and colors and find gowns that work better for you and your bridal party. The goal is to be original, so copying exactly what you see might come off as inauthentic. It’s your wedding day, showcase your true personality through your style and decor. And make sure to do the same for your bridal party.

Here are a few unique styles to get the creative juices flowing:

Just Say No to Ugly Dresses

Even if it’s tempting, we hope you had fun today and learned a thing or two about bridesmaids’ dresses. Remember that you won’t exactly stick out for the right reasons by making them dress wild, so dress everyone well to ensure that your wedding is flawless. We don’t want to throw out the word bridezilla, so don’t make us!

Say goodbye to traditional bridesmaid dresses! Wedding fashion has come a long way since the days of tacky, matching bridesmaid dresses. Brides have been mixing things up with mismatched bridesmaid dresses. This new trend is a fun way to highlight each bridesmaids unique style while making sure they feel beautiful in their dress. Nobody likes wearing something they feel uncomfortable in! Mismatching bridesmaid dresses will ensure that everyone feels equally as confident.

Although mismatched dresses can make each individual bridesmaid feel her best, putting together a cohesive look can be a new challenge. You’ll want to avoid choosing dresses that create a disjointed look- your bridesmaids should still look like a group! There are three ways to achieve a cohesive, complimentary bridal party look:

1. Same Style Different Color

2. Same Color Different Style

3. Different Style Different Color

These bridesmaid styles are aesthetically pleasing ways to incorporate mismatched bridesmaid dresses into your wedding day. This way, you can give your bridesmaids some control over their looks. Each girl will know what they look best in, after all!

Same Style Different Color

Sometimes, you’ll find a universally flattering dress that all of your bridesmaids fall in love with. This could be a figure hugging mermaid dress or an eye-catching, backless gown. No matter the style, you can still have your bridesmaids wear mismatching gowns by having everyone wear a different color. If you want a more cohesive color look, pick a dress that comes in various shades of the same color. This will make your bridal party look as complimentary as they can be while still wearing different colors. If you want a more bold bridesmaid look, you can opt for completely different colors that will give a rainbow feel to your wedding. Who doesn’t love some fun color?

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